The Challenge of GLOBAL SERVICE
in Pandemic times...

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We are providing new kind of services to keep customers projects on time while travelling for our specialist is prohibited or restricted. Together with worldwide partners we develop flexible proceedings to fulfil our promises made before the world were changed by Covid 19.
As an example we are going to build up the world biggest straightening machine with dead weight of 1200 metric tons in remote operation at Chinas shipyard without dispatching our Haeusler specialists over there.
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Together with our customer and a local assembly companies we agreed a way to assemble this giant of steel in a step by step proceeding.
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Beside adapted engineering, the local preparation of manpower, tools and utilities the proceeding is based on two management teams in China and in Switzerland. These teams will work and communicate closely on daily basis to finish this unique project.
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Jürgen Freund

Jürgen Freund, CEO

"With 85 years of experience we have always been and still are pioneers in developing innovations to provide our customers with first class machines and services  -
independent of temporary hazards."

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