"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein
What is it about?
The bending process is an underexplored and complex discipline. The complexity is that each metal segment is as unique as your fingerprint. This makes it difficult to predict the behavior during forming. Therefore, with conventional controls, it is necessary for operators to have some experience in the field and know what is within the range of possibility. To relieve the operator and at the same time increase productivity, HAEUSLER developers have created the versatile BENDtronic® control software.

- The Swiss Army knife of forming software!
BENDtronic® enhanced the Haeusler CNC control with artificial intelligence. BENDtronic adds the capability of automatically generating CNC programs, based on the desired workpiece dimensions and characteristics. The software is graphically assisted and allows bending in one or more passes. In addition, the BENDtronic® can be used for any type of product shape, such as cylinders, tubes, ovals, tanks or other complex geometries up to S-shaped workpieces.
- BENDtronic® helps everyone to control not only the movements of the machine, but also the bending result itself. 
The HAEUSLER BENDtronic® enables the inexperienced bender to efficiently learn the ropes and turns a good bender into a master. This evolution is made possible by the following applications within the BENDtronic®:
BENDtronic® makes the difference
Efficiency by simplicity - The simple and intuitive user interface guides operators through the highly complex bending process. This eliminates unwanted surprises and leads to targeted bending results. In the offline version of BENDtronic®, information can be obtained in advance for the bending process and rework. This offline version can be operated separately from the bending machine so that the machine is maximally productive. This involves, for example, feasibility checks of bending tasks, machine utilization, bending program creation, employee training and other countless features.
Focus – The task in view - The bending processes are visualized in real time so that you can focus optimally on the task. At any time, it is possible to compare the actual state of the sheet to be bent with the desired state on the BENDtronic® operator interface. Thus, the operator can simply monitor the bending progress and all required parameters.
HAEUSLER 4-roll plate bending machines & BENDtronic® - a dream team - The BENDtronic® was designed for the HAEUSLER 4-roll plate bending machines - EVO & VRM. This dream team not only simplifies the bending process, but also increases machine performance. These innovative complete systems are continuously developed further, so that you are also optimally prepared for the future.

Not the end of the line...

Machine Controlling

Energy data, process cycles, etc. provide integral inputs for advanced work process optimization via the OPC interface.

Integration of Support facilities

Support devices are integrated into the BENDtronic® for an ideal and automated forming process. For example, the upper support moves automatically and supports the sheet optimally.

Bending of drilled sheets

Sheets with holes can be bent without necking and buckling.
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